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Tel: (647) -819-0490

Meie Veoautode Kiirstardi teenus on a abi maanteel service now available for all trucks powered by 12V or 24V batteries. We use powerful dual 12V / 24V booster packs that can start any commercial vehicle including tractors and other machinery.

Truck Jump Start Service - Description

Our experienced techs will help you jumpstart your truck when you need it most while ensuring that during the process, your truck's electrical systems are protected and your truck is safely started. It doesn't matter where and how your truck is parked! We'll get to it and get you back on the road real fast!

Veoauto hüppestardi teenust saab taotleda veebis või telefoni teel telefonil 647-819-0490.

Truck Jump Start Service - Coverage Area

Oleme saadaval suur-Toronto piirkonnas järgmistes asukohtades: Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Toronto, Markham.

We will travel the distance to help you if you are located in other locations around Toronto, however, additional charges may apply for distance.

Kui olete oma suurte seadmete käivitamisest keeldunud, pöörduge meie Veoautode Kiirstardi teenuse poole!

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